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No registration required to play our games! You don't need to signup, sign down, sign sideways, download any special programs to your computer or do anything here other than play games. In short, you came here to find and play some free flash games and that's what you get. Free games with no questions or hassles. Enjoy!
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2 Stars = Easy Game Level
Xana has sent a Manta Bomber to destroy Odd. Use the mouse to help Odd maneuver on his hover board to catch all of the Mantas bombs. If a Bomb hits the ground it will disrupt power to Odds board causing him to fall. Move Xana around the board by using your mouse.

Play Manta Bomber Now!
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Roller Coaster Creator [Game Style - Role Playing]
You create it and ride it!
Super Mario [Game Style - Arcade]
Super Mario World Game!
Bike Mania 4 [Game Style - Role Playing]
Miniature dirtbike rider!
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You can expect even more games than ever before! We've put together a group of gamers who are always on the alert for new games as well as new gaming areas that our visitors may be interested in. This will provide a fresh supply of games being uploaded for your enjoyment on a pretty consistent basis. Just keep checking our homepage for the latest news!
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